Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Ok... My friend Jennifer Sclater the wonderful hostess that she is... had us over to her house today for a little play date. And this is what she had planned. Pool Party and Ice cream Sundaes. The kids had an absolute blast, while the moms caught up. It has been awhile since we have all gotten together. So.... us Finkleas had a WONDERFUL, FABULOUS, OUTSTANDING DAY WITH OUR FRIENDS.
Jen and Tamsyn... I love you girlies!!!! (p.s. Thanks for letting me Blog Steel pictures Jen)

Julia Finklea

So you know when you complain to your husbands that ... "You never told me that" ? Well, I have one for you. Our sister in law Heidi gave birth on April 9th, 2009 to this little baby girl. I don't know how much she weighed but... her name is Julia, and she looks like her older brother Blake. Congratulations to Brett, Heidi, Carter, Blake and Brooklyn on their new little addition to their family. We love you guys and miss you!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Family Prayer

Each night before the kids go to bed we have our family prayers. Since Payton was a little baby we have made it part of our routine to sing songs, and then say prayer. As the family has grown the routine surprisingly has stuck. This is how each evening goes: MOM and DAD: Ok, Jaxon what song do you want to sing? Jaxon: Uhhhhhh BATMAN!!!! Everyeone: na na na na na na na BATMAAAAAAN!!! MOM and DAD: Ok, Payton it is your turn, what song do you want to sing? Payton: Well.... princess! EVERYONE: (and we sing little mermaid) MOM and DAD: Ok, lets get on our knees and have prayers. Jaxon: My turn, my turn. Payton: NOOOOO its my turn, first. Jaxon:No my turn fut.( my turn first) MOM and DAD: Ok Jaxon tonight you go first and then Payton will have a turn Jaxon: KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYY Jaxon: He FA (Heavenly Father) doo doo doo dood doo doo AAAAAMEEEEEN!! EVERYONE:A MEN! Payton: K, its my turn. Payton: Heavenly Father, grateful for this day, had a good day........ (and 10 minutes later and everything that happened to her during the day and saying that she loves every person she can think of always always including Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, Joseph SMith and "Who is again MOM?" President Monson) In the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN. Everyone: AMEN! Payton: K Asthon, its your turn. Ashty, can you fold your arms. Ashton: (while folding his arms )luka luka luka luka (rolling his tongue in jibberish) Now... we do have some variation each night, but... this is pretty darn close to what happens every night. Payton told us the othe day that she was such a good Sister teacher, because she taught Ashton how to fold his arms and say his prayers. Last night Payton would not go to sleep, I went in I don't even know how many times. The last time I went in I was getting frustrated and I asked her why she was calling me. She said "Because I'm scared of the dark." ( 7:00pm sun is bright as it was mid day) So I explained to her that if she is scared and alone she needs to say a prayer to Heavenly Father to help her not feel so scared. We had a little discussion about it and I left the room. 5 minutes later she is calling me again. AAHHHHHHHH!!! I walked in and said "What?" She said "Mom, I prayed to Heavenly Father and he Loves Me." If only we each felt that assurance and confidence in our Heavenly Father's love so quickly! She is such a sweet little girl, and a wonderful example to her brothers. I love that little kids are always so willing to say prayers. She is on a kick right now of talking about the HOLY GHOST!!! Pretty interesting listening to some of the things that she has to say.


Austin has been trying to convince me to let him get the AC's down. 87 Degrees today!!!! Since we were left without a car (again) today we decided to go for a little walk and get a popsicle from the local grocery store. So I loaded the kids up in the wagon and I headed into town thinking I was taking a short cut....(Side Note: DON'T TAKE SHORT CUTS IN THE SOUTH) I finally turned all the way around and back tracked because there were so many DOGS. I thought we were going to get eaten. SERIOUSLY!!!! Well we got to the store got our popsicles, walked passed the post office so Payton could check our junk mail, and off to home where they spent until 6pm playing with neighbours. Tomorrow we are looking forward to playing with the Sclaters, with a fun day of activities outside. Little Ashton was trying to find his rock.
Ashton getting into the garden.
Jaxon took my picture, I had to bend down so I actually got into the picture.
Payton took this picture.
Payton is showing me here "ROLLIE BOWLIE."
There was quite the dialog going on between Payton and this "rollie bowlie" today.
Payton set it down for just a minute and Jaxon walked up and stomped on it. :) DEATH SCREECHING SCREAMS ERUPTED!!!!
Payton and Jaxon rode their bikes all afternoon!!!Jaxon's new bike. Some friends from the Holler pitched in and got this for Jaxon for his Birthday!!! He loves it to death
He thinks he is pretty hot stuff!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jaxon's Birthday

April 17th Jaxon turned 3 years old. We were right in the middle of having Barbara here in Knoxville so we missed celebrating his big day. Saturday we had a birthday party/cookout at the local park. It was beautiful 87 degree day. Saturday morning we all got up pretty early. Austin had an OMM Board review class to attend all day starting at 7:50am. The kids and I went to Knoxville to participate in the National Day of Service. So after we dropped Austin off at school, we headed on down to Knoxville after picking up Trey and Millie Smith. The two Stakes in Knoxville together with the Red Cross, passed out emergency preparedness information to an entire zip code. While I wasn't much help with three kids, it was a great event to participate in and support. So after a long morning of being in the car and being drug around, the park was the perfect escape for the kiddies. They played so hard. Jaxon had a wonderful birthday and was spoiled by friends. My little boy is not going to need another Super Hero for the rest of his life. I stayed up until 3am Saturday morning making his cake. I wasn't going to have time Saturday to make it for him so needed to get it done. It was actually fun decorating the cake, I WAS A MESS THOUGH!!!! Covered in black frosting. I looked like a kid. Thank you to all of our friends who came to celebrate our little buddies birthday. We are sure blessed to have such wonderful friends who support us in our activities just like family would if they were here. Jaxon has changed so much over the last 6 months. He is turning into a little boy and creeping out of the baby stage. He has mellowed out a ton, and we are loving it. He is the sweetest little boy and has turned into quite the little cuddle bug. We sure love our little Jaxon, and I would be lost with out his little smile the brightens up his entire face. Happy Birthday Jaxon!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009


This weekend as I have previously mentioned, we had Barbara Barrington Jones come to our Stake here in Knoxville, Tennesse and on Saturday night she did a Marriage Fireside. As part of her fireside she gave a list of the top five needs of men and women. Now these are a compilation of 5 different Doctors who put this together and they are all male. Just thought I would share the info if anyone is interested. I was interested to know what they were. Top 5 Needs for a Woman
  1. Security
  2. Listen Carefully
  3. Meaningful Conversation
  4. Honest and Openness
  5. Family Commitment and Financial Support
Top 5 Needs for a Man
  1. Companionship
  2. Sexual Fulfillment
  3. Attractive Spouse (doesn't mean skinny)
  4. To Be Admired
  5. Domestic Support (Family Support)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a Fabulouse Day!!!

I had my Doctors appointment about my arm today... I am in the clear. The staff infection is gone, and I am on a steroid pack clearing everything else up. So... all good. Now, while on my way to my appointment I got a call from my mother today announcing that.... These two cuties are now PROUD BIG SISTERS and
and one very PROUD Daddy
and even a more grateful Mommy to a new Baby BOY (who as of right now is unnamed).
The Hunsakers welcomed this sweet little bundle of Joy into their family, April 22, 2009. I got the pleasure of meeting the little guy over Oovoo. Thank goodness for technology! And what a way to round up a great day!!! Girls night out! Once again a picture stolen from Jen, our photographer. I have just found out the flash doesn't work on my camera. Sooooooo!! Jen came through for the picture. We watch "Steel Magnolias." I have never seen it before, and I have to say that is a pretty funny show!! Thanks Tamsyn for letting us have it at your house. I love these girls!!!!