Monday, October 27, 2008


This is not an easy thing to do.
It is absolutely impossible to get them to smile at the same time
But regardless they are sweet!
Payton and her picnic with mac and cheese. Tonight we had a potluck at the Sclaters house with our friends the Whitings and obviously the Sclaters. Jen, like always is a fabulous host. Tamsyn made a delicous dessert so festive and fun, can't remember the name of it though something like pumpkin patch brownies. But they were wonderful, just like Jens dinner. We always love and appreciate the time we can spend at the Sclater's home. The kids had a blast and once again it was nice to hang out with some friends. Thank you!

The Spider!!

Austin went out to the carport to get something from the car.
And this was his little surprise.
So of course... what does a boy do?
burns it to death and kicks it in the grass. Nice! I had to remind him that our kids play in the grass.

Weekend Pictures

Ryan, Ashton and Austin chit chatting.
Fun visit with our friends the Scotts. Heather and Me.
Fun Saturday playtime
Playtime with Ben Scott
Ash, crawling across the kitchen.
Payton and Ashton on Saturday

Fall Break

Austin has 2 days off for Fall Break, and guess what he is doing? Exactly, STUDYING! However, tonight we well be going over to the Sclaters for a fun little get together, and we have a super fun Halloween Party to look forward to on Friday, and then trick or treating. We had a pretty busy weekend, we had our friends the Scotts come over on Saturday, and we had fun catching up with them. I took off to go to a baptism soon after to play the piano.Eeeek, I haven't played the piano in about 6 years! Sunday we went to church, had meetings and then came home and attended a viewing and funeral for our friend Sara Jeppson's Mother. The Relief Society provided food for her family and great support. That was my first e xperience of a Southern Baptist funeral. Very different from anything I have ever been to. Good, just different! After the funeral I got to chat with Tamsyn and Jen in the freezing cold for about an hour. It was fun. I didn't even think about offering to have them come to my house but all the same it was fun to have some girl time with NO KIDS. We are enjoying all of our experiences here, and we look forward to more and more each day.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Tonight was our Trunk or Treat!!! Jaxon, Payton and Tre
Our Princess Payton
Tre and Payton are almost inseperable
They were finally joined by there other buddies Ben and Hatley
Jaxon and Ben had this little rival going, Spiderman vs. Batman
They wouldn't hold still, they were so dang excited about this party they couldn't handle themselves.
It was cute to see them all just hanging around eachother.
This is our little buddy Hyrum Hinckley
Bishop Thompson got down on all fours to mingle with the kids, they ate it up.
Ashton was eating some of Tamsyn's delicious Halloween cake.
This is Ashton watching all the kids trick or treating. The trunk or treating didn't work out so well. We got rained out! But, I don't think it put a damper on things at all. The kids still had a blast inside. There were games and activities, prizes, and lots and lots of candy! We had so much fun just being with all of our friends and ward. We love our ward!!!! We feel so blessed to be here with them all.


Austin finally got his bike today, thank you to the Sclaters for letting us ship EVERYTHING to there house!! Austin is very excited. I think he will be playing around with this all night. This will soon be his mode of transportation. He will have to work up to that though. Yeah for Austin!!!!


Little Buddy Ashtuwan
Little Ashton is going to be following in Jaxon's foot steps this year and dress up like Robin. (Batman and Robin) Last night we were testing out the mask.
Ash had a hard night last night. We brought him out to hang out with us but was soon asleep. What a sweet little boy!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One of those Days!

Today was just one of those days! We couldn't get motivated to do much. Austin stayed home today from school, and we waited around all day for a very important phone call which never came. We were a little distracted, he couldn't study, I couldn't get my things done, and the kids... well, as you can tell... it was just one of those days!!! We played hide and seek, colored, read books, made fruit loop necklaces (and ate them), painted our fingers and toe nails, and made chocolate covered marshmallows and my house is a disaster. The marshmallows were inspiration from the pumpkin patch, we never bought the kids one, and they thought that was pretty rough, and needless to say after making them today... they didn't want one. Everyone in our house has the sniffles except for Austin. So maybe it was good to just kind of lay back and relax today. Today was a good day though, I got to talk to my Mom, my sweet Granny, both of my sisters and even my brother online. Yesterday I got to talk to my dad. I sure love my family. Immediate and extended! Hopefully tomorrow our phone call will come, and we can move on with life, and I can get my house clean! We have a weekend full of exciting things to do so we are looking forward to hanging out with friends and attending some festivities.
Tea Party and Dinner
Spaghetti face Payton
Spaghetti face Jaxon
Chocolate Covered Marshmallows!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

FHE at Myer Pumpkin Patch!

Yesterday for Family Night we went to Myers Pumpkin Patch near Morristown, TN. We were joined by our closest medical school friends; the Scotts, the Sclaters and the Whitings. We had a blast! This is such a wonderful time of year, we love being outside and enjoying our beautiful area that we live in. There are so many festivities and fun things to experience, and new things to try. We went on a hay ride, roasted hot dogs on the fire pit, and th kids got to play on a little play ground while the adults got to mingle a bit. Our kids had fun, we had fun, what more coud you ask for? We are very blessed to have had such a wonderful night with such wonderful friends!

Greeting in the parking lot, Jaxon see's himself in the mirror!
Everyone loading the hay ride
The Finklea family on the hay ride
Scott Family on the hay ride
Daddy with all three kiddos on the hay ride
Kailyn boarding the hay ride!
The Finklea Pumpkin heads
Pulling away from Myer's Pumpkin Patch
The Sclaters on the hay ride!
Payton and Jaxon on the hay ride!
Corn Field
Hay Ride
Our one stop on the hay ride, the corn maze.
Our hay ride!
Tre playing in the playground!
Just chillin'
Loving the rocking chair!
Excited about his hotdog!
Britty, chowin down of course!!
Cookin' the Dogs!
Hot Dog Time!!!
Ashton (aka SWIPER) got ahold of Jaxons hot dog bun!
Forever Friends!
Over look of Norris Lake, near Bean Station
Over Look of Norris Lake!
Our drive home from Morristown!