Monday, April 19, 2010

Super Hero Jaxon!!!!

Jaxon turned 4 years old on April 17, 2010! Here are pictures taken by our very good friend Nathan Hinckley! Jaxon has had a big year he has changed so much! From the once known, terror... he has turned into quite the polite sweet little boy! We love him so much, and he is such a good brother!!! He makes us laugh so hard sometimes! And I love that he is so desperately loving all superheros!!! He never took to balls, or cars, or anything really... but once he was introduced to Spider man... that was the beginning of a new world for him. He had a superhero party with all of his friends dressed as superheros too!!! He is still on cloud nine playing with all of his new toys!! Thank you to all of our friends who came to celebrate this very special day with us!! Favorite story of the day... Jaxon was opening an Iron Man T-Shirt and with a gasp said "GOOD NIGHT, that's AWESOME!!!" His Uncle Shane has turned him into a true HILLBILLY!!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Well, I have been a's true!!! Easter weekend was a blast! We spent Friday night up in the holler cooking out in the beautiful 75 degree weather! And, because of the festivities that would follow on Saturday it was only economical to spend the night. So Saturday we spent the first part of our day going to a local school ground and had our easter egg hunt. What was meant to be an almost all day event was unfortunately cut short due to extreme wind!!! Well... at least for all of the ladies!!! But our time spent there was so fun, we rode bikes, scooters, flew kites, threw footballs and just socialized. Payton took off with Mandy and Shane and all of the girls, for an all day excursion to another easter festival, while Austin, myself and the boys made our way back to the holler for some jeep riding, motorcycle riding and a few mean games of dominos. That evening all the guys took off for Priesthood session of Conference, while the moms tended to the chillins'!!! Easter Sunday was not traditional Easter dinner didn't consist of ham and potatoes, instead it was chicken salad sandwiches, (not really a man's food, but was still welcomed by the guys) And when usually spent with family, this time was spent with friends, but all the same... with people we love. The entire weekend was spent celebrating the life of Christ with the people that we love!!! Thanks to Nathan Hinckley.... I have pictures for my blog!!!
A quick update on the last few weeks here: Austin just returned home after being gone a month in Michigan for a Cardiology Rotation. He had a few days to conveniently spent with the family before he started back up today. Last Monday was the start to our fabulous SPRING BREAK!! Payton was out of school! We went to Morristown to play with Kailyn and Jovie Whiting... while their mommy was in the hospital bringing their new baby brother into this world. He is adorable!!! AND SO TINY!!!! Monday night Austin made it home to surprise the kids. We took off the next morning to visit the Whitings again in the hospital. Wednesday was packed. We spent the day shopping, hiking, playing at the park, out to dinner, and last but not least to the infamous dollar theater (which is no longer a dollar... I feel gipped!!! It is now 3 dollars. RIDICULOUS!!!) But regardless we had a fabulous time taking the kids to "How to Train a Dragon." VERY CUTE SHOW!!! And the kids loved it. Jaxon still says it is AWESOME!!! Thursday we went to the ZOO ALL DAY!!! And had our first sweltering in the sun!!! It was fun! And friday.... well scroll to the top and you'll see what we did. On a side note... We did have a little scare on Friday night. Payton fell out of a tree house, and hurt her ankle really bad. When Austin took a look at it he was pretty sure it was broken. So the issue was then trying to convince Payton that it was ok to leave the holler... she would be back after she went to the E.R. But... before they left, Austin, Phil Chumley, Jim Ford, Nathan Hinckley, and Trey Smith all administered a blessing to Payton, in the garage. Unfortunately for Payton she was in some pain, but for me it was a wonderful way to start this Easter weekend. When I opened my eyes to see all of their hands resting on my baby girl, their hands dirty, their clothes dusty, and in such humble circumstances the spirit hit me so strongly that the priesthood is real! It is times like these that I know how blessed I am to have my husband worthy to offer blessings, and to be surrounded by so many men that could assist him at the drop of a hat. Austin and Payton left and a short while later Austin called to tell me he just made it to the hospital but hadn't gone in yet. He took the ice pack off of Payton's foot to see that the swelling had gone down, and that she was walking on it completely fine. (By Saturday she was running). I do not know if her foot was broken, but what I do know is that our Heavenly Father was watching!