Saturday, May 28, 2011

Michigan Residents

It is official...we are now Michigan Residents! We have been here for a week and a half and we are almost all settled with only a few boxes left to unpack.
We are doing good and having fun exploring this area. The kids are in heaven from the house to the beaches to all the parks and ice cream shops.
Bryton is growing and still so sweet! She is not lacking in the
love and attention department, I can barely keep her siblings off of her.
Payton, Jaxon and Ashton are out of control. They are into everything and everywhere! During the last year we have promised our kids that we would get them bikes as soon as we got to Michigan. So earlier this week we took them to the store and got them their bikes. By the time we got them home that night it was 8pm. They weren't able to ride their bikes for long but promised them they could ride them the following day. That next morning Ashton was the first one awake, and all dressed shoes on and all Ashton yelled out at the top of his lungs "Mom I ride my bike?"
Yesterday we were getting ready to go to the store and tol
d the kids that they could ride their bikes until we were ready to go. I was in the boys room when I heard Ashton screaming at the top of his lungs outside. I opened the window and told him to stop screaming. (We moved on a road where we are surrounded by elderly people, and not sure if they would appreciate the noise.) He scowled at me and stuck his lips out, being a defiant little turkey. I said " Ashton, don't you do that or you will come inside." He did it again!!! (By this point Jaxon had come inside his room to get a sweatshirt and heart and saw everything that was transpiring.) I raised my finger and shook it at him and said "Ashton you do that again and mommy is going to come and span
k your bumb." AND THE BRAVE LITTLE BOY DID IT AGAIN!!!! I gasped and dropped the clean clothes and started for the front door. When I made it to the front door I heard Jaxon yell, "Aaaashton, RUUUUUUUUNNNNN !!!! RUN, RUN!!!! MOM IS COMING!!!!!" When I looked back at the house Jaxon had his face plastered up against the screen yelling again "RUN ASHTON RUN!!! HURRY!!
When I sped up after Ashton, that little turd smiled at me and took off as fast as he could on his bike! He looked back at me smiling the entire time he was riding off. I couldn't help but start laughing, I tried getting mad at Jaxon for telling
him to do that, and I tried getting mad at Ashton but every time I tried I just burst out laughing. NAUGHTY LITTLE BOYS!!!
We took the kids to the Grand Rapids ZOO yesterday, pretty cool! The Lion was amazing. It was right next to the window.
I will update more later of Austin's graduation and the last month catching up!