Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday David and Melinda!!!

I just wanted to wish my brother and sister a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the south!!!! I dont' really know if there is a difference...however I do know that BANANA PUDDING would be involved somehow!!! So... in celebration!!! We will break out some of southern goodness tonight in honor of my favorite twins in the world!!! I love you both! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Something New!!!

I have decided to add something new to my blog!!! Since we are very well known for our miss fortune with our clutsy children.... I have decided to make a special place to post.... "Injury of the Week." This way... the things that happen can just be posted as they happen. Hope you enjoy!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


OK....How cute is this? My sister just sent this to me for Christmas, it is an Advent Calender using a mini muffin tin. Inside were Hershey's kisses, covered with magnets. I love it, my first Advent Calender. Thank you AMIE!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Smart Little WHIPPER SNAPPER!!!

Take note of the accent!

Christmas Crasher!

Bless the T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E 2's

Now in the South they would say "Bless his little heart." I say "CURSE THAT KID" This was my day (no joke...all of this happened today):
1. Cleaned up version of a HUGE mess of a bloody nose. (Made us late taking Payton to school)2. Fire started by...... of course...ASHTON.3. Bite out of Electrisol tablet by....ASHTON! (he did not like that)
4. The Christmas tree knocked over...ASHTON!!!!
When I walked in I said "ASHTON!" He turned in surprise and said "WHAT!"
And this is exactly why I don't have ornaments on my Christmas tree this year!!!! This would seem to some that I was an extremely neglectful mother. Here it is When he got the bloody nose, I was doing Payton's hair for school. When he started the fire, I was on the phone. When he ate the electrisol tablet, I was peeling the couch cushion off the heater. When he pulled the Christmas tree over I was vacuuming. BLESS HIS LITTLE HEART!!!!

"Cookies and Milk with Santa"

One of the benefits of getting a Zoo membership was this: "Cookies and Milk with Santa" members only. We went to Knoxville on Saturday and spent the day with the Whitings! What made it even better... we woke up to snow that morning!
Here we are all waiting in line, we got to see the eagle while waiting. Funny enough that was the only animal we saw at the zoo that day. (Well besides Austin and Jeremy)
These games were for the kids to play while waiting in line to sit on Santa's knee. They had to throw snowballs through the holes.
My kids love the idea of Santa... but when it comes time to sit with him and tell him what they want... they FLIP!!! I guess they are getting lumps of COAL!!!
Here we are having our hot chocolate and cookies. The surrounding tables were set up with crafts, where our kids wrote a letter to Santa and made reindeer ornaments.
Jeremy and Austin having a very TENDER moment.
Yes... Jaxon looks cute and innocent... but... he did knock that santa over.
Little Jovie was falling asleep at Macaroni Grill while sitting in the highchair. Pretty dang cute!
Our kids semi-posing in the foyer of Macaroni Grill!!!
We had a fabulous day! It is always wonderful being a family, but just adds the cherry on top when we also get to be with some of our best friends!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My little Rudolph

Last night we were all so excited to officially start all of the Christmas festivities that we have planned this month. Payton had her Christmas festival at school. Payton had been telling me all we that Santa was going to be there and that he would have a special friend. I was pretty excited myself to find out that this friend was going to be "The Grinch." It was fun to see her with all of her friends. Her teachers were all very complimentary of what a good girl she is and that she is well mannered. Made me proud. This Christmas festival was a MINI carnival, there was a jumping castle, a cake walk, ring toss, and they were doing a bake sale to raise money for the school. The kids had a blast but they were winding down... of course Ashton was throwing tantrum after tantrum, so Austin decided that it was time for him and the boys to go home. Conveniently we live just a few steps away from the school. I stayed to watch Payton and was able to record it so her daddy could watch it later. Having a kid in school is so fun.!!! I love it. Here is Payton right before she went on stage last night for her concert!!
Payton doing the cake walk....she won an orange cake with cream cheese frosting.

Payton's Christmas Concert

I know you can't see her very well but, my little Rudolph is the tallest one in the bunch. She did such a great job and she was smiling from ear to ear. She was a proud little girl, and I was one proud Mommy!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I could write a list of all of the things that I am Thankful for, but.... that would take me too long. Also... too personal for me to be on a blog, but one thing is for dang sure... WE HAD A BLAST WITH DAVID AND TIFFINY!! Thanksgiving was fabulous, I enjoyed all of the company that we had! Austin was home all week long which made it even better. The cousins played during the day, the adults played at night and.....I ONLY GAINED 4 DANG POUNDS!!!! That is awful for only 5 days! If this time of year weren't so fabulous... it would be just terrible for that reason. I need to stop having a social life, I blame my issue on being a social eater... but I always seem to be socializing!!! After 5 days of being with us David and Tiffiny got sick of us and headed home to New York! A big, huge, fat, thank you to them for coming down and being with us. We love you guys and miss having you close!