Friday, May 29, 2009

2 DOWN 2 TO GO!!!

OK, I will be doing some major catching up! Over the last month we have been quite busy. So here is what has happened. Some of my very close friends and I decided to do something fun for our husbands for their last day of class. WAIT, let me say it again... LAST DAY OF CLASS EVER!!!! YAHOO!!! Ok, anyway, we decided to do something cute for them. So we loaded up all of the kids in the cars and headed up to the school. We decorated Rod's car (which they would all be driving home in) in a hurry, and made our way back to the Whiting's house, where we got everything ready for a celebration.
Being the creative wives that we are... we decided to send them on a little scavenger hunt. So inside of the car, this is what they found.

This is what the letter says:

Austin, Jeremy, and Rod,

So you have made it to the end of year two,

And we the wives have been thinking of something for you to do,

We have decided what has to be done

Its to send you on a goose chase just for fun.

Follow these instructions one by one

Do everything we say, it has to be done

Rod, the first thing that you need to do

Is go and collect the other two

Find the camera in the car

Look closely it isn't too far

Take this camera to every place

Don't forget to put a smile on your face

These pictures you take you need to show

to us at home so we may know

Where you've been and what you've done

Now lets begin at number one

So the guys gladly participated and even went above and beyond. As you will notice with each clue, besides the picture that was supposed to be taken, they have added a little more to spice it up a bit.
WARNING!!!! Random picture below. They saw this couple before going into Wal-Mart, 30 minutes later they were "still going at it" so Austin went and asked if he could take their picture.
So... they finally arrived and we at home were waiting for a celebration party. 2 Years Down, 2 years to go.
Because of the compliance with our scavenger hunt, they were awarded very COOL shirts when they came back. They said on the front "I survived the first 2 years of DCOM." The back said, "Have you been Hoffed lately?" (Inside Joke)
The girls had fun planning and I believe the guys had fun following through. We celebrated all evening and had a blast!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Carnival with the Local Yocals

Friday Night .... OH WHAT A NIGHT!!! Last year we were on our way to Utah about now, and we missed the carnival. Well, we made sure that we made it this year. We headed into town with our friends the Sclaters and Whitings for an evening full of fun and rides.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well, we had a fabulous weekend with Family and Friends!!! My sister Amie and her family came down for the weekend. We of course... took them up to the HOLLER, and for the rest of the weekend we went camping. It has been a few years since we had been camping, so it was great to get out again. On Sunday evening, the Sclaters joined us for dinner. Of course I am steeling the pictures from Jen again. The kids had a great time playing with one another while the adults sat around eating and talking. My little kiddies are exhausted! Did I mention I FROZE!!!!! I think next time we go camping it will have to wait until mid June.