Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reason #1 why you should keep the toilet lid down!!!

1. So your 18 month old doesn't sit in it like a bath. Yes, Ashton my sweet obedient little boy was found 2 mornings ago sitting in the pee filled toilet. Not only did he have used toilet paper all over him, but also was enjoying himself with the accessories of my MAKEUP. When I found him he had eye liner and mascara in hand with my hopes that nothing else had been dropped. But... to my dismay he turned around and flushed the toilet and I heard the clinking of what definitely sounded like my foundation. I yanked him out of the toilet and put him in the shower and soaped the nastified little boy down. After getting him all settled I looked through my makeup bag to find that I was not only missing foundation, but eye shadow and tweezers (really good ones). We left for the day and came home that afternoon to find that the toilet was clogged indefinitely. It was spilling over the edges. So...after some googling we (Amie and Laura) both decided that we are both such poor white trash that we could not afford a plumber and that we would need to become plumbers ourselves. So after a trip to Home Depot for a wax ring...we returned home to take the toilet off and extract the makeup with pliers ourselves. Attempt #1-FAIL Reasons: UNKNOWN to poor plumber trash. All we see is lots of water!! Well maybe we had some idea. Don't put the wax ring in the hole. Attempt #2-FAIL Reason: REALLY UNKNOWN to poor white confused plumber trash. WE STILL SEE THE WATER, AAAHHHH!!! At least we were gaining more knowledge on how NOT to install a wax ring. Make sure wax ring is actually on the hole. Attempt#3 FINALLY SUCCESS Reason: Pure Dumb Luck, and a thicker wax ring. AND NO WATER! Fingers crossed breaths held, we are still hoping it keeps working. PRAY FOR US!!!!!!! More importantinly pray for Travis. Here in pictures we share our exciting moments with you! ENJOY!!! Next time we call a licensed plumber!
P.S. If this ever happens to you, DO NOT TELL THE MAN OF THE HOUSE!! OHHHHH I almost forgot!! Reason #2 Why you should keep the toilet lid down! YOU DON'T EVER WANT TO SMELL OR SEE WHAT WE EXPERIENCED FROM DOWN BELOW!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Return to Colby Park

Yesterday we returned to Colby park. This time with Uncle Travis and his brother Ryan and his family. Travis and Ryan played a game of tennis while the moms watched all the kids play. We had a late start yesterday and spent most of the morning in our PJs but.... it was nice. The kids played outside.
At Colby Park we found ourselves a little friend. This is Kenny, for some reason he was drawn to keep visiting us. Maybe because we had food, and he just helped himself right to everything. He was so sweet. He is 13 years old and was such a nice young boy. He sure liked talking about wipes, and how many times I have to change diapers. I think we had that conversation 6 times.
Our kids have become quite the little posers!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Saturday, July 11, 2009

So much to do for FREE!!!

Austin has now started his rotations. His first week was meant to be in General Surgery and because a few different reasons he ended up in Trauma Surgery. So he moved down to Kingsport, TN and we didn't see him all week long. I decided that the kids and I would take a road trip to Cleveland and consider that our summer vacation. We have now been here for almost one week, and we have spent ZERO money and have had a blast. We have done something new every day. The fabulous thing about this area there are so many Metro Parks, and free things for surrounding citizens to do. The kids are having so much fun with their cousins, but they sure miss their Daddy.
My niece Jenny came up to me and had her elbow shuved in my face and said "Aunt Laura, do you want to see an elbow butt?"