Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend with Austin and Kids

While I was away in Utah for the weekend, Austin took Payton and Jaxon. They had a fun time with Dad, in Knoxville. They got to stay in a hotel and go swimming, and they also went to the movie IGOR, and went to ChuckE.CheeseS. They had a great weekend together and lots of fun. I was sure glad to come home and see them all though. Thanks Dad, for watching Payton and Jaxon with such a busy schedule.


DENVER - A passenger was taken into custody Saturday after making comments about having explosives on a Northwest airlines flight taking off from DIA. Flight 552 from Denver to Minneapolis was delayed for an hour as police and fire responded. The flight was pushed into an unoccupied area of the runways to be searched by authorities. Airport spokesman Chuck Cannon says the plane was leaving a gate when the man allegedly said he had explosives in his luggage Saturday. He says the plane was towed away from the terminal, and authorities boarded the plane and arrested a man. Cannon says no explosives were found. Northwest Airlines spokeswoman Michelle Aguayo Shannon says about 140 people on Minneapolis-bound flight 552 were on the plane. Passengers went through security screenings again before they could continue traveling. Police had no comment. An FBI spokeswoman did not immediately return a phone message seeking commen The man who made the comment was taken into custody. No explosives were found on the man or the plane. Yes, this was my flight home. QUITE INTENSE!!!! The whole process was about 6 hours. Our flight was swarmed with SWAT, screaming to the guy the get up. WOW, is all I can say.It was like one of those things that you never think could happen to you. What an experience!!!! This is definately one for the books.


Well the big announcement finally came. Allyson and Bug sent out their wedding invitations. When we got this invitation, I posted on to our fridge. Payton came in the next day and saw this and this was our conversation: Payton: "Hey that is Allyson." Me: "Yes, that is Allyson." Payton: "Hey, who is that boy?" Me: "That is going to be Allyson's husband. That is who Allyson is going to marry in the temple." Payton: "I don't like that boy. That's not his Allyson, that is my Allyson, and that is Mommy's Allyson, and that is Bridger's Allyson, and that is Ginger's Allyson, and that is Austin's Allyson, and that is Aunt Laura's Allyson, and that is Uncle Vic's Allyson and that is Grandma's Allyson, and that is Grandpa's Allyson, and that is just my Allyson, not that boy's Allyson. I don't like that boy mommy." So what a welcome to the family. My sweet Aunt Laura contacted me a few weeks previous and asked if I would be able to come over for the wedding as a surprise. I was absolutely elated. Allyson is my little sister I never had. We are very close. I was trying to make prior arrangements to fly over but the flights were soooo expensive Austin and I just wouldn't be able to fit it into our budget. So when Laura called offering this opportunity to me I couldn't even sleep, I was so excited. This plan had been a secret for almost 3 weeks. No one knew. So this was going to be a surprise to not only Allyson, but to my parents and entire familiy. I was excited. My good husband Austin kept Payton and Jaxon for the 3 days I was gone, and Ashton and I flew to Utah on Thursday morning. EARLY!!! EARLY!!! Ashton was a joy. This was my first experience flying with him and he was wonderful, not one peep to and from. He slept on every flight. We made it into Utah around 1pm on Thursday afternoon. My sweet inlaws Bob and Virginia came to pick Ashton and me up at the airport. They took us to lunch and we had a nice visit with one another. It was great to see them, but was sad that it was only me that could enjoy them. I know Austin wishes he could have been there too. They took me to Aunt Laura's house where I waited to surprise Allyson. Atleast, Ashton got to see Grandma and Grandpa!!! Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Finklea for spending time with us. We love you!!!! That night was full of fun, I surprised my family which I got a great reaction from, especially my mom. The weekend was very short, jam packed, busy, busy, rush, rush, and lots of fun. I enjoyed seeing everyone that I did, but mostly enjoyed the opportunity that I had to spend a bit of time with my little sis, Allyson. I sure love her and wish her the best with her new life with BUG. These are a few pictures taken outside of the temple. We were all waiting for pictures. These are my studly cousins, and my COOL dad standing in the back. Vic, Allyson, Bug, Laura Tiffiny, Dave, Paulette, Shannon Bryn Lee, Anastasia, Ereland. The weekend was great. Thank you so much Laura for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this. I love you!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Walk to see the COW!!!

While at the park, we decide to take a walk
Almost every time we drive by, or play at the park
we make sure we come by to see the most...
enormous COW you have ever seen in your life.
These pictures are from last year of the cow
we are waiting for the horse to stand next to it so you can get the true effect through a picture to see how huge it is.
Walking back, Jaxon for some strange reason starts throwing himself on the ground in the middle of the road in protest. Our new method is to leave him there, and wave and yell, BYE BYE!
It usually works, and he comes running, but when he has a sister that protests and falls apart...
It isn't so dramatic for him, but it sure turns out to be sad for his sister. I guess the method only works when she isn't around. :) What a sweet protective sister.


We went to the park today. A few pictures to enjoy!

Sunday Drive

We went for a family drive today! We thought we would check out some camping sites. We are wanting to go camping with some of our friends the Sclaters. Well the drive ended up taking a little longer than just seeing camping sites.... We got lost quite a few different times on some back roads and we were not gutsy enough to see where it would take us for too long. We hear you shouldn't do that in this area:) Jaxon and Ashton got to take naps, so they were refreshed and ready to go when the woke up. Payton got to watch a show in the car and draw, while Austin and I enjoyed the nice drive. Payton was pretty excited when we rolled her window down. It was such a beautiful day, great day to be outside. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area. We loved being out in this today. It was nice and relaxing. This is like from a post card. Driving through Cumberland Gap National Park, I have to say this is probably one of the more beautiful places that I have been. The leaves are just barely starting to turn red on few trees. I am sure in a few weeks the colors are going to be amazing. We love this beautiful area.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


First a big thanks goes out to my friend Heather for taking these pictures of my family!! I am always forgetting my camera. SO THANK YOU!!! The guys were all studying today so we decided to meet at the Cumberland Gap National Park for some fun! I think the kids will all sleep well tonight. The Sclaters, The Scotts and the Finkleas were all there. Ben and Jaxon got bee stings, Ashton threw up on Payton, Ashton almost died swallowing a leaf while I was running Payton to the bathroom as fast as she could go, while Heather was holding Jaxon who was screaming. :) FUN FUN FUN!!! Tre, Ben, Payton and Jaxon all got into a boxing match in the Little Mermaid tent. So I guess the only one that had nothing eventful happen to them was baby Britton. We are sure blessed to have such good friends. We love them all!!!