Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday ASHTON RUSSELL!!!!

Happy Birthday ASHTON RUSSELL!!!!

Two years ago today my baby (and final baby) was born. Now the experience... well was not so great. Maybe I will blog about it one day. It is definitely one for the books, but despite all that... our true blue critter huntin', moonshine drinkin', pot hole fishin' hillbilly made it thus far, and in the Finklea house... we deem this a SUCCESS!!!! Ashton has hit the terrible 2's that's for dang sure, but despite his tantrums, his antics, his house wrecking, his screaming, his crying and his suicide attempts (plus much, much more) he is what makes our family complete. He is the Caboose, if you will. He is well looked after and doesn't lack on hugs, kisses and all the attention. This morning he woke up quite the happy little camper which was quite unusual. Maybe he sensed that this was his special day. I don't know, but... he stayed pleasant for the entire day. (Besides his scheduled tantrums) He picked out his breakfast this morning, which by the pictures you can see was full of nutrition. Mac and Cheese!!!
While we waited for Payton to come home to celebrate, the boys spent most of the day jumping off of furniture (causing my blood pressure to rise by the minute) and switching roles of super hero duties. They ran up and down the hall all day. At one point I took a look at Ashton's arm as I as changing his diaper and noticed red marks all over it. I pulled his arm closer only to find 5 bite marks. Hmmmm it finally dawned on me when I was yelling out to him to stop crying Jaxon must have been biting him. HA HA HA I am so awesome. So...in shock and in horror. I asked Jaxon what happened....Now... because it took like 5 minutes for him to get it all out I will shorten what happened. He was Spiderman trying to turn Ashton into a Spiderman too. Well lets just say, he go into some trouble. This isn't the first time he has bitten this month. I caught him biting Paytons back last week. Anyways... onto Ashton...
So Payton came home from school and we took off for town. We picked up our friends Sarah, Kayson, and Cade and went to the movies. We saw "Alvin and the Chipmunks 2" The kids loved and and danced all the way through it. Afterwords we too the kids to McDonalds for dinner, icecream and a place to get their final wiggles of the day out. And that is where Jaxon set of the alarm!!
We got hom around 9pm tonight to finally partake of some cupcakes. Since his real birthday party won't be until next weekend, we went small scale today. And with Daddy being away, it felt like an element was missing.
I am so blessed to have my children. I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for giving me this opportunity to be a mother. I love what I do and I find great success with my kids. I love being there for my kids, like my Mom was for me, and like my mother in law was for Austin. I wouldn't trade this for the world. These are my happiest days, the days I get to celebrate when my life changed, and when my most precious possessions were given to me. Happy Birthday little ASHTEWON RUSSELL DOOBER!(aka Payton's nick name for Ash) My day was topped of with a very touching and surprise visit. My doorbell rang today (which is really odd, because no one ever comes to my house) and when I opened it, there standing was Karren, Jess, and Joey Thompson with a bouquet of flowers for me. I was extremely touched and definitely had to fight back the tears! What a sweet gesture of thoughtfulness! Thank you for thinking of me!
Now... Payton has made claim on them. When she saw them after school she said "OHHHH WOW well those are beautiful. I think I should take them in my room."
AUSTIN... we love you!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Single but not so lonely!

Austin is gone on his rotations, so we have been without him, but...not without other company! We spent most every day last week with our friends the Boyles, getting together at McDonalds, and letting the kids play. Since her husband is a first year medical student she often finds herself without him too, so...Fridiay night we found our way up to the Holler for some pure entertainment. We got learned on how to play some "Rook." Staying up until 12:30 playin Rook may not sounds so fun, but I come from a family of card playing fools, so I was in my element. We have made the Ausmus house our second living quarters, even equipped with beds for all. They are always so accommodating and hospitable. Saturday because of the warmer weather they kids were able to get out on the ATV's. Both Payton and Jaxon learned how to ride one all by themselves. Thanks to our friend Nathan and his enormous amounts of patients, I think our kids will be pros before too long. Ohh... and one more thing, I almost shot myself a critter. Thank goodness I didn't, I think Austin is determined to come back and shoot one before his wife. IT IS ON!!!!
This is a picture that I slipped in there with our other Hillbilly children. This has become the true nature of our kids. This was Christmas Day at the Whitings house, Ashton was found playing with Jeremy's present.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Doodle Bugs!

Payton has been out of school now for 4 weeks. Two weeks for Christmas break, and two weeks because of the snow and ice on the roads. She is going bonkers! We have been to McDonalds all week with our friends, and we are wearing out our welcome there, so for the first time in a long time... I broke the bank and went and got them a few little crafts from the store! As my sister would say... My DOODLE BUGS made their own Bugs!!
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Before Austin left, he had one final round of Monster with the kids. AKA Wrestling! He was actually really growling at them this time so I guess it could be called Monster. Ashton is crying in almost all of the pictures, this was towards the end of the game when Austin was saying he was all done. Jaxon and Ashton wer having so much fun having Austin scare them to death they didn't want it to end. MORBID CHILDREN! But Austin gave in a few times so I could get some pictures of there faces. They are going through Monster withdrawls. I tried making up for the difference by playing with them today, but I am just not Daddy!
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Super Powers!

  • Payton:"Mom...Hmmm Can I ask you somethin'?"
  • Mom: "Shoot"
  • Payton:"Do you have eyes in the back of your head?"
  • Mom: "I sure do."
  • Payton: "Hmmmm...(pause while she taps the side of her head with her finger)...Does Grandma?"
  • Mom: "Yup, Grandma has them too."
  • Payton: "Does Grandpa?"
  • Mom: "Nope, just mommies have them."
  • Payton: "So... Does Aunt Tiffiny?"
  • Mom: "Yes, she does."
  • Payton: "Hmmmm... (long pause deep in thought) OHHHHHH !!!!!! Anastasia better be careful."
  • Mom: (laughing)
  • Payton: "Well does Uncle David have them?"
  • Mom: "Nope, remember just the Moms."
  • Payton: "Mom, Does Daddy have eyes in the back of his head?"
  • Mom: "No..(interrupted by Payton)
  • Payton: "That's right... just the Moms right?"
  • Mom: "That's right"

Monday, January 4, 2010


January 2nd was a fun day out with the family. It was the last Saturday that we will be able to spend with Austin for a month. He is taking off to go out of state for rotations. So... we took the kids to see the Princess and the Frog, and then took them out for Mexican. The kids loved the movie, and Ashton thought that it was a regular little Jungle Gym. Austin... We love you and will miss you. Can't wait for February to have you home all month long.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Here are a few pictures of our NEW YEARS EVE!!!! In my opinion, there was no better way to start my year! Being with people we love. Jaxon and Payton survived until 1:30am. OHHHH how peachy they were the next afternoon!!!!!! But it was worth it! Once again we celebrated the New Year up in no other place than the "Holler!" The house was full of friends and we played games and ate all night long. We have taken up a second home at the Ausmus's house and Mandy has now decorated us a room since we are up there so often. So... we only thought it would make sense to spend the night on New Years Eve. January 1st, 2010 was spent lounging around playing "Rook" eating biscuits and gravy for breakfast and snacking the whole day through. It almost lasted another night, but our kids were so emotional that I couldn't take it any longer.
Here are all of the kids play Charades.