Friday, January 23, 2009

Monday we went to Knoxville with my girlfriends and their kids. We made a Sam's Club run, as well as Target and none other than....Macaroni Grill. I always swear to myself that I will never ever take all 3 kids shopping at the same time, ever again, and low and behold I do it again. Monday was one of those days. Ashton was standing up in the cart, Jaxon would take of running, and then go giggling through the store as I tried finding him. And Payton was having a blast because she was getting her friends and brothers to laugh at her. Unfortunately our trip ended with the Sclaters having to leave pretty quick. Little Tre came down with strep throat. After the Sclaters left I quickly knew it was time for me to go when Jaxon started climbing up on the back of the benches and falling to the floor. (mind you people were walking passed wondering if he had been hurt, and then he would get up and giggle and giggle.) I was about to pull my hair out. So as fun as it was to get out to the city..... WASN'T SO FUN!!! The kids have a little cabin fever. They have been inside so much they are going bonckers. Here are some pictures of the kids this week. Payton got makeup from Santa Claus, everything in the case is lip gloss, but as you can tell, she finds other places to put it. She looked beautiful and she did it all by herself. She did attempt to do my makeup, I just couldn't do it.... I don't know what came over me... but I just couldn't do it! All of those sparkles and lip gloss (that she things is eyes shadow, blush, lip gloss and more)I couldn't bring myself to allow her to do it. She is a total girl... I love it.
Austin came home with a little surprise for the kids a few days ago. This is what Jaxon got. He has been inseparable from it. You know those morning when your kids wake up and you want to get them what they need as quickly as possible and go back to bed? Well I have had a whole week of those mornings. My bed has just been extra comfortable, and warm. I have not wanted to get up for the life of me, but it has seemed like every morning Jaxon in his repetitious tone he will ask where all of his Batman cape and mask are. Once he gets it, he starts jumping off furniture like a super hero, and running as fast as he can full speed ahead with his fist clenched up in front of him. So.... someone is bound to get hurt. If he is not asking for the batman gear, he is asking us to put it back on him because it has fallen off. I guess my time hasn't come yet.... where I can sleep in without hearing my kids. Granted....Austin quite often does go out with the kids so I can sleep longer. What a guy huh?
Ashton.....Wow! I swear.... after he hit one years old life changed. He started walking extremely well that day. He has started throwing horrible tantrums, over the silliest things. Nap time.... well you can imagine it is impossible to nap in our house. What a new world for Ashton. He is really coming out of his little shell.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Ashton!!!

Today was Ashton's first birthday!!! We had a little birthday bash and invited a few friends to come over kind of a last minute get together. Attendants at the party were.... The Whitings, the Sclaters, and the Finkleas. We missed the Scotts due to their little boy being sick. But.... we do have a party bag for Ben. Ashton went to town on his cupcake and loved it so much he got a second one. I have to say with all three of my kids he has been the happiest on his 1st birthday. He loved it. We had hot panini sandwiches for dinner and cupcakes and icecream balls for dessert. The icecream balls are from my mother in-law's recipes, if I am not mistaken I believe it is an original recipe of her mother. There was even hot fudge sauce that goes over the top. They were very good. A big thanks to my mother in law who shares her great recipes. The kids played and played and then played some more. Dinner with them was kind of a hit and miss. But the adults were having too much fun. The moms in the kitchen, and the dad's at the x-box. Ashton had a blast. He got a new push bike, car, and truck with animals. He is in heaven. We are so blessed to have little Ashton in our family!!! What a special little boy he is to us. I can't believe it has already been a year. WOW!!! Here are some pictures of our special day with Ashton:
Happy Birthday Ash, we love you buddy!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friends all day long!!!!

Today Austin had his first visit to the hospitals that he will be rotating through. He came back pretty excited about the opportunities that are going to be available to him during this time as well as how good they will be treating the students. He got to tour the hospitals and the dorms that he will be staying in a couple nights a week. He is pretty excited. He also went with his class mate and friend Rod Sclater. While the boys were touring today Jen and the boys came over as well as Tamsyn and her girls. It was fun catching up after the Christmas break. We all wonder why we don't do it more often. Time seems to escape us through the week. We always have a wonderful time with each other. I love having them come over. Thanks girls!!! After a fun day with the kids playing and the moms chatting; the Dad's got home and we took off to go up to the "Holler." Another fabulous night with our friends up yonder. That is one big party up in there. We absolutely love going there to let the kids roam and us catch up and visit with our NATIVE southern friends. GREAT TIMES!!!! We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends in our life. Today was a great day. Friends all around!!! We love them all.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Super Hero Kidos

Well the Finkleas have kind of just laid low at home this week. For no particular reason, other than I just can't seem to get out. It has been cold and miserable, maybe it would be better if we had snow to show for the cold weather but no. It is just cold and wet and muddy. The kids have been cooped up inside and as a result have been bouncing off the walls. While we were in Utah over Christmas Santa had one more gift for Payton and Jaxon that they couldn't yet receive until they got home. This week we took Payton and Jaxon to pick out their helmets. No, they didn't get a bike, they just wanted helmets. So they have been wearing them all week all around the house.
Jaxon has this strange power come over him anytime he puts anything Spiderman, or Batman on. He all of a sudden becomes some super hero. "Spiderman/ Batman to the rescue." Its crazy. But we feel so safe with him around.
Payton has to have everything Princess, she is a total girl, and thinks all things Princess makes her a Princess herself. Rightly concluded though. She is our little Princess.
Ashton is in to everything. This has become his daily ritual. That and the garbage. So as trashy as it is our garbage sits on our counter for most of the day. Don't worry, Lysol is on hand at all times.
Tonight was another one of those nights where the kids got lucky. They got to go into their room at 7:00pm for bed but got to watch a movie instead. Payton got an injury today so she was soaking it for everything it was worth. Poor little girl!!! My friend Jen has given Payton a new middle name "GRACE." So this is January's injury for Payton. Stay tuned for up coming months.
This was the kids at bedtime tonight. They were watching Toy Story II. A new favorite.
So I have told a few people that I would post these. I made these capes for my kids for Christmas (Ashton's yet to be finished) It was a hit. We kept them packed up until we got home. They have broken them in everyday this week. So between the helmets and the capes, you can imagine how it goes putting Jaxon to bed and taking him into church.
My sewing machine was having major issues when I was trying to finish Payton's cape. My mother-inlaw was sweet enough to help me finish it all up so that Payton could have hers on Christmas morning. Thank you again Virginia for your help. Sure love you.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bringing in 2009 with STYLE!!!

Austin came home from school a few days ago with these 2009 glasses from a class mate of his. We all had a turn trying them on.
We are excited for the new year and ready for whatever adventures lie ahead of us. Maybe things will be just as eventful this last year.
Ashton is absent from the pictures because.... Up until today Ashton had been sleeping for 4 days straight waking up for maybe 20 minutes and then falling asleep on me again. He was running a temperature the first few days and was vomiting. Last night Austin and I started getting quite concerned with the chance that most of his symptoms were that of meningitis. Austin took him to the hospital last night and I stayed back at the house with Payton and Jaxon balling. Austin had talked to Dr. Thompson (a professor at school and also our Bishop) and he told Austin he needed to get him in right away. So we were pretty scared. Austin called 2 hours later with the report that it was strep throat,(which I also have) and he was started on antibiotics. This morning Ashton was doing so much better. We are so very thankful that it was just strep throat and not meningitis. We sure love our little kids and are so grateful for their sweet spirits that they bring to our home. They are the best thing that have happened to us. So this year.... we will go on watching them learn and grow, and even cause us to pull our hair out at times but appreciate every moment that we have with them. I don't think I could ask for a better way to start the New Year.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Holidays in Utah

We spent our Christmas and New Years with our families back in Utah this year. We departed on December 20th and stayed until January 4th. These are a few events that happened while there. This was our lay over in Cincinnati. The kids were thrilled to be eating in a restaurant let alone right next to a huge airplane.
They were pretty wired about this point so they were bouncing off the walls. Austin was away getting us some food, and a lady came and sat down near us and was looking rather irritated that they were so hyper. (Austin was taking forever though.) So I let them play for a minute.
Ashton was just about to start freaking out. He wanted out of that stroller sooooo bad.
And if any of you know Jaxon and how loud he can be when he is super excited about something. Yup. He saw the airplane.
Payton was excited to actually get on the big airplane though and not the small ones. Her patience was running thin. We go to the Louisville airport rather early(3 1/2 hours just waiting after security). She was almost all done with the excitement of airplanes. After arriving in Salt Lake, my mom picked us up and took us home to my parent's house. We spent the next two nights there. We then headed over the the Finklea's home in Morgan for a few days. The kids were so excited to be able to go outside and play in all of the snow.
This was there first attempt at making a snowman (with dad's assistance)
They didn't have the perfect snow gear, but their Grandma Finklea went out and bought them their own hat and gloves and even some boots for little Jax. They were in heaven.
After 4 1/2 years of being married, and even before then.... Utah hadn't gotten this much snow in a long time. And once we leave.... it all comes down.
While up at Austin's parents house we went into Ogden and saw a little Christmas Village. It was so cute to see all of the houses decorated. Payton loved looking in all of the little windows. It didn't last long because it was absolutely FREEZING, but still fun all the same. We took the kids to McDonalds and let them play on the playground and get their wiggles out before we took them home and put them to bed.
Payton started getting sick while we were there which kind of puts a bummer on things around this time of the year. Poor little girl. She never seemed to kick it until 2-3 days before we came home.
One of the days up in Morgan the kids got to go sledding with Grandma and Grandpa Finklea. The hill wasn't steep enough so they ended up going all the way down the road.
Payton and Grandma.
Grandma and Grandpa walking up to the hill to come down on the sled. Christmas Eve day was spent up in Morgan with Austin's family. He had most of his family from the area there. It was good to see and spend time with everyone. Christmas Eve night we spent the night looking at pictures form Bob and Virginia's mission in India. It was so fun to see some of the experiences that they had over there, and to hear the stories. The next morning we woke up early headed upstairs and Austin's mom had her traditional Christmas morning breakfast for us all. Banana bread and French Chocolate. Very Delicious! We then headed on over to Syracuse in the disastrous weather.
As soon as we got to my parents Grandma and Grandpa Smoochie were quick to take the kids downstairs to let them see what Santa had brought.
We were still waiting on my brother David and his family to make it up from South Jordan. They were slowed up by the weather as well that day. So our kids patiently waited. But it was great. Plenty of time for me to get ready, get them ready, lay Ashton down for a nap. And by the time we had breakfast it was already time for Lunch. So we ate.... and then headed downstairs.
Holy Cow!!!! Santa loves these little kiddies.
Payton and Anastasia waiting patiently.
Grandpa Smoochie finally took them down and let them take pictures of each other with his camera.
For Christmas we had with us, Grandma and Grandpa Nead, Jim (my mom's brother) David, Tiffiny and 1/2, Anastasia, Ereland, Austin, Laura (that would be me) Payton, Jaxon, Ashton, Milly, Grandma and Grandpa Smoochie.
And so it begun.......
and continued....
and kept going.......
until Ashton woke up..... and he was ready to play with all the paper.
Austin and I just kept eyeballing each other about how we were going to fit everything in our suitcases.
So after arriving in Utah with 3 suitcases..... We ended up coming home with 6 suitcases and box. OUCH!!!!
Payton and Anastasia were getting ready for Christmas Dinner. All of my my Mom's family lives around her, so they were all coming over except for her brother in Seattle. HOUSE FULL!
More sledding!!!! The kids got snow suits from Santa. So this made it a little more enjoyable to be outside for a longer time sledding. My mom and dad's back yard is a golf course with this hill right out there window. So this was absolutely perfect.
The first day they went with Jacob and Bryn-lee Ireland.(My cousin Shannon's kids)
The next few times they went just ended up being with Anastasia. The snow was melting a little bit, but still perfect. Austin made a little jump for the kids so my dad thought it would be fun to get some action shots. So here are some of the ones that turned out really good.
On the Sunday after Christmas we went to Austin's brother's house in Bountiful. We had a family get together. We ate, and visited. It was so much fun to just visit. Our visit was cut a little short when we got a call that Payton was crying and didn't want to go to bed. So we had to head on out, but wished we could have stayed longer to hang out. One of the other fun things that happened while at my parents house was getting in thouch with some friends from Gillette. My mom and her sister are Real Estate agents in Syracuse, and have helped 2 families that we knew from Gillette, Wyoming move down into the area. So on the Monday before New Years. The Dewey family, and the Sparks family came over for dinner and a fun filled night of BUNKO!!!! What a blast. It was so good to be in contact with old friends.
New Years Eve was spent at my parents house. They have a big basement and that tends to be where most of the family gathers. We set up the tables and started up the night full of games. Which is definately one thing that I miss about being away from family. That is a favorite past time of mine with our family gatherings. So we made sure we filled up on plenty of game time.
Grandpa Smoochie and Grandpa Nead on New Years Eve. Don't party too hard and break a hip!!!!
Tiffiny my prego sister in-law, and David my hairy brother.
My friend Ashley and her husband Alan
And me and Aust.
New Years Day my parents were ready to take us on a little outing. So we loaded up the kids in the car with all their warm gear and headed over to the Train station in Clearfield to catch the front runner.
The kids were super excited, they were going to ride the train, and we were going to spend the day in Salt Lake at Gateway Mall. So we headed on over and got to the train station, purchased our tickets and waited for about 10 minutes for the train until Austin noticed a sign that said for Holiday Schedules please call this number. So Austin called and ...... Christmas and New Years Day...... NO TRAINS. LOL. There goes that money. Hopefully my dad can take someon else for a ride.
We got back in the car and drove down in the car anyway. We went to the planetarium and let the kids walk around in there, and play in the gift shop.
Grandma got them some magnets that they thought were way cool. They held those for the rest of the day. We walked around the Gateway Mall, caught the tail end of a little water show, and ate dinner. The kids were pretty exhausted but it was a great day. The next couple days were spent hanging around and getting all of our belongings together. All in all it was good to go back and spend time with our families. We are not going to be doing it for quite awhile now. We love our families and are so thankful for everything they do for us. Now on with the grind again. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!