Monday, January 24, 2011

Jaxon and the Dentist!

Poor little Jaxon has really been through it these last few months! The beginning of December Jaxon went to and Audiologist and Speech Therapist. He did not pass his screening test. They found his ear drums were not vibrating, indicating he had fluid in his middle ear. It was effecting his temporary hearing, which could have been the source of his speech delay! Jaxon made a visit to Primary Children's Hospital and had and Adnoidectomy and eartubes put in! He was a champ and did great! Last week pathetically enough, I took my kids to their first ever dentist appointment. Payton and Ashton came out fine, while poor little Jax had to visit the following day for a filling. His first cavity! Unfortunately looks like the poor kid is going to take after me. The gave him a sedative before going in, and so Austin asked if I would take some videos of him ! So here are just a few!!! BEFORE SEDATIVE
This is where I will often find Payton on a low key day! She sits in her room reading for hours to all of her Grandma's Raggedy Ann dolls!
This is a favorite activity... playing pbskids, or nickjr or
And Jaxon is learning to write his name!

Moms and Muffins!

At Payton's school they had a Moms and Muffins morning! Every kid in the school brought their mom's to school, laid blankets down anywhere there was room and had muffins, and juice while we read before school started. It was fun to be with Payton alone, but to be quite honest... a gym floor is not the place for me these days!!
On March 15 they are having a Dads and Doughnuts! We may have to substitute Grandpa for Dad!

Pictures for Dad!

Ashton is going through this phase of acting like a baby! And Payton and Jaxon cater to the whole thing! Here is Ashton acting like a baby, and Jaxon is the Daddy holding him!!
Our kids got Snuggies for Christmas!!! Go figure!! Austin is so proud! Here are some pictures of the boys!

Friday Night and Homemade Pizza!

The day of these pictures was the same day Austin left for Virginia for 3 months, January 7, 2011. My cousin Shannon called and we decided to get together and let the kids play. Her husband was out of town that weekend so it worked out perfect! It got our minds off of missing Austin!
While all the little girls were in the kitchen slaving away at pizza... these two rugrats were of course... playing the Wii!
These were self posed pictures from the kids! They posed and then yelled for me to come and see so I could take a picture of them! This is for their Dad!!

Favorite Past Time!!!

Hollywood Connection was introduced to us when Payton was just 2 by my sister in law Mindi! This was a hot spot for us when we lived here almost 4 years ago. It was even better coming back now that our kids our older. They had a blast!!! Their favorite thing were the bumper cars! This was our one last hoorah before Austin left for 3 months!
Look at Ashton's face!!! Let's just say that was the last time he went on that ride!


Our kids are absolutely obsessed with their older cousins! Since our summer visit and being here for the last few months they have gotten to know some of their Finklea cousins much better. Every time we left them our kids cried, first thing they would ask for in the morning were their cousins. Jaxon and Ashton especially love their big boy cousins, and of course their Uncle "BARK!" We tried to spend as much time with the Finkleas as possible this Christmas due to the limited time Austin was here. And once residency starts... it will be very unlikely that we make it back to Utah for at least a couple years. So here are the kids soaking up sometime with their big boy cousins!

Time with the FINKS!

This Christmas all but one of the 8 Finklea children were here to send their parents off on their 3rd mission. They decided it would be fun to get together and have a big dinner, with out kids. We went to the Blue Iguana where of course... Austin, Dave and Bart did their "Burrito Challenge." I think he said it was 4 pounds! They did one a few years ago that was a little more intense. Cafe Pier Ponte offered a 7 pound challenge! So for Austin this 4 pound challenge was cake!! It was fun night!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 was busy, busy! With lots of local family around to spend time with, we also had family in from out of town. Here are some pictures from our Christmas Eve party spent with my Cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents. We were even surprised to have a visit from Santa himself!!!
Jaxon...the proud owner of a Tennessee VOLS pillow!!! I think it made Austin a little jealous!
One of my childhood family traditions was to role play the Nativity Story from the Bible!
Christmas morning!!!