Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Broadway Singer

One of my earliest memories of "Annie" was watching my oldest sister Melinda perform the popular song "Tomorrow" at a talent show or pageant. I remember her red dress and hair all curled up. I grew up loving "Annie" and as a result, I now have a little girl who loves it. So much so, we hear her singing these songs, ALL DAY LONG!!! She requests this movie at least once a day, and when we ask Jaxon what he wants to watch Payton replies for him and tells us he and Ashton want to watch "Annie." Here is our little Broadway Singer.....
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Summer Vacation!!!

Since Austin has 4 days off, we couldn't do anything super fun or go anywhere! So we decided to take the kids to the Zoo yesterday. We croked at the prices and decided it would be better worth our money to buy a season pass which is only a little more money. Besides, I make frequent trips to Cleveland, Ohio to see my sister, and this pass is reciprical to the Cleveland Zoo. (and many more) So we went to the Knoxville Zoo and had a fabulous day. It is huge and it is really nice. There was a kidz zone, which was so fun. My battery died so I couldn't take pictures. But here is what I did have of our fun day. The kids were great and had a blast.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Getting Out of the House!!!

So we were sick of waiting around today to see if it was going to rain!!! We decided to go to:
And the best part, it only cost $6.00. One of the many perks of living here. We can get our whole family into see a movie cheaper than the cost of one ticket back in Utah. Payton and I had a date night a few weeks ago and came and saw this, but I thought it would be fun for the boys to come and see it too. So I loaded up my purse full of goodies and snuck in. The kids were great, however, the chairs were a little squeaky.
After the movie, we headed to the Finklea's latest hangout post. McDonalds play land. And you know what is even pathetic, we are catching up with our regular McDonalds friends there. We have been there so much recently that are meetin famliar faces.
Ashton could carelss about the toys, all he wants to do is climb in and out of highchairs all day (which tip over) so...
by the end of our play time...
I was fed up with chasing hime around saving his life...
I told him to go climb up into the highchair for a time out!!! Discipline that does the trick!! Just kidding!! But I did ask him to fold his arms.
Speaking of folding arms, he says the cutest little prayers. I will have to video tape it one day and post. Him and Jaxon's. Cute little kiddos. I had a fabulous day with my best buddies!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Highchair Graduate!!!

Yes, it is true! My last child is out of the highchair. He did have a couple intimate moments with the floor, but all in all he has learned to balance himself pretty good. He thinks he is pretty cool stuff!! we sure love this little guy! Even though he is a CRAZY HEAD! Now... I am excited to get rid of the highchair from my kitchen. One less thing to clutter our little house:)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Well this last week we had a fabulous visit from Austin's brothers, Bart and Dave. I couldn't tell who was more excited, Austin or the kids. They were received with lots of hugs and smiles by the kids when they arrived. They both served their missions over in this area, and it is the first time in 20 years that they have come back. They got to visit one of Dave's areas, which just so happens to turn out that is where Austin will be starting his rotations in 2 weeks. We tried to show them a little bit of why we love this area. We of course....took them to "THE HOLLER" which I believed they really enjoyed. (who wouldn't?) And we took them to one of our favorite restaurants. HEAVYS! It has such a fun atmosphere and is really the whole reason we love it so much. It is a typical southern shack, right on the river. We enjoyed their visit very much and I especially am very thankful that they came out to see Austin. He loves his brothers!! Thanks again Bart and Dave for coming! You are welcome anytime!
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Water Park Fun!!!

Well it is officially summer now, and we have been taking advantage of every minute of it. Last week we packed up all the kids and went to the nearest water park. We stayed for about 4 hours and then go rained out. The kids had a blast and played hard. Payton even went down the "BIG TWIRLY" slide all by herself. What a brave little girl. Jaxon was just a little fish, he was barely out of the water, and Ashton...well he barely touched the water.

Graduation Ward Party

Our Ward had about 7-8 kids graduating from High School this year, so the ward had a graduation party at the bishops house. It was fun evening, and we ended up staying until about 10pm. Payton's little friend Halle unfortunately ended up with a broken arm, but was a trooper through the whole thing. We love our ward and are so grateful to be here with all of our friends.


Memorial Day this year we spent with the Whitings and Sclaters at our house. We set out the BBQ, pool, swimming toys, bubbles and sparklers and let the kids have fun playing while we hoped to have a good time.
Tamsyn and Jeremy had a water fight with all the kids.
Turned out to be a fabulous evening, only thing.... Britton kept falling on our carport and knocking his head!!!